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Swimming Pool, Outdoor Area and Other Services

When the weather starts to get warmer and the nature does her magic, “Gefyri” offers the ideal choice for families, animal friends and in general people who enjoy games and water.

The four-acre garden provides enough room for running and playing, while the playground ensures fun with safety in a controlled area.

Benefit from the hotel's Bistro that is open all day and enjoy snacks and refreshments or a drink by our pool.


Alternatively you can throw your own BBQ and create a friendly and familiar atmosphere, that you 've always wanted.

However, good rooms are not the only reason a hotel can be characterized as good. That is why Gefyri Hotel has invested in providing its visitors with some extra services. Besides our staff's good mood, we make sure to offer to our visitors all those things that can make your stay more pleasant.

Room Service 24/7

Our staff is available every moment of the day to serve you and help you where you need it.


The large outdoor space of the hotel offers a large parking space to our visitors, where you can park your car freely and without any worries.

Book Exchange Library

Inside the hotel, there is a Library from which you can borrow books for free and let their stories and the breathtaking view from the hotel, do their magic and take you to far distant places. Those among you who feel that sometimes get attached to a book, you may take it with you as long as you leave another in its place, as it is a Book Exchange Library.


Inside the 4 acre garden of the hotel 'Gefyri', there is a Playground where your kids can spend their time playing in a fun and safe environment, while you are enjoying the rest of your time in the rest of the garden or the outdoor pool, if the weather is hot. 

Trailer Parking Space

For those of you, who prefer not to loose touch with nature, our big garden has a space for free trailer parking, where you can use our power and water supply. Moreover, the visitor can also use the hotel's facilities and services such as the Restaurant, eat Breakfast, the Pool etc.


For those who believe that swimming and mountain dont stick toghther, "Gefyri" proves them wrong. The swimming pool is here to make you feel relaxed and treat you with the unique feeling of swimming, while sourounded by the beautiful landscape of the mountains. Our pool is big and perfect for swimming, whereas it contains a seperate by wall space for children, where they can enjoy the water with safety.


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