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The history of "Gefyri" Hotel

Like everything in this area, the hotel has its own history too. It’s stone part, built in the 50s, was serving as the cheese factory of Konitsa,  something that lasted till the 80s. During this time, the local producers were collecting the milk of the region and used it as the starting point for the production and sale of local products such as yogurt, cheese, etc. or for it resale to larger producers.

In the mid 80s the disband of the Coop lead to the suspension  of the building use, which would almost have been destroyed from the lack of maintenance. Fortunately almost a decade later, in 1995, with the help of European Funding Programs and the unwavering attention of  Kyrtzoglou family who took over it, the building was turned into a hotel.

By trying to preserve its historic character,  the ground floor made of stone has remained almost intact, while another floor has been built above it.

Since then, it operates continuously, trying to meet the needs of each era by readadjusting the activities and services to the demands of each time period.

The history of Bridge of Konitsa

Being the largest stone arch of Greece, the bridge was built in 1870 by Ziogas Frontzos a builder from Pyrsogianni, with the purpose of the facilitation of the communications and transportations. A fact woth mentrioned is that, the financial contributions for its construction came both from the rich and the less privileged of the region, thus recognizing its importance.

It has an arc opening of 35m and a height of 19m. Its main characteristic is the bell that is placed in the middle (and the highest point) of the bridge, with a purpose to make a sound  and warn any passengers for the danger of someone crossing the bridge.


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