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Welcome to Gefyri

Think about the ideal morning nightingales wake you up with their enchanting singing, the rustling of the leaves gives the tempo and the fresh cold air, that passes through the crystal-clear waters of Aoou  river enters the house, along with the smell of  fresh breakfast.

Just 1500 meters from the town of Konitsa, you can experience all these and even more at Hotel "Gefyri". Built at the entrance of the famous Aoos canyon, a breath away from the largest arch bridge in the Balkans,  it is the ideal destination for every traveller.

With a homely coziness, unmatched  views and the always friendly attitude of  managers and the staff of the hotel, "Gefyri" invites you to experience the local hospitality and give you   beautiful moments.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

For the Kyrtzoglou family,

Thimios Kyrtzoglou

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When the weather starts to get warmer and the nature does her magic, “Gefyri” offers the ideal choice for families, animal friends and in general people who enjoy games and water.

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Bistro "Thimeli"

One of the main reasons for which "Gefyri" is worth to be visited by someone, except the location and its rooms, is its restaurant.

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The accommodation at "Gefyri" can never be boring as it has activities that start literally from its doorstep, making it the perfect destination for both winter and summer.


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