Bistro "Thymeli"

One of the main reasons for which "Gefyri" is worth to be visited by someone, except the location and its rooms, is its restaurant .

Bistro "Thymeli" is the only of its kind in the area, as you can combine it with your stay or simply visit it as a customer.

With a minimal architecture combined  with the mountain character and and the full of history stone, "Thymeli" Bistro constitutes a gastronomic destination of high quality.

The restaurant's Chef has prepared combinations of gourmet and homemade cuisine and invites you to a journey of tastings of recipes made with good mood and fresh ingredients.

Should you decide to combine your food with a night out,  Bistro “Thymeli” serves also like a Lounge Bar, where you can enjoy unique Cocktails accompanied by relaxing music.

From hot breakfast till the perfect end  for a lovely day in Konitsa,  Bistro “Thymeli” is the place where tradition meets modern style.


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