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The accommodation  at "Gefyri" can never be boring as it has activities that start literally from its doorstep, making it the perfect destination for both winter and summer.

Explore the area, enjoy the unique landscapes and live experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Voidomatis or Kleidonia bridge


This bridge is located near the Kleidonia village, some hundred meters away from the new Voidomatis bridge on the National Road connecting Ioannina to Konitsa. It is a big one-arch stone bridge built in 1853 by Missios.


The Kamber Aga bridge


This bridge is very close to the Miliotades village in east Zagori and its construction was financed by Kamber Agas in 1875. It is a well-preserved stone bridge, not very tall with a big arch in the middle and two small openings on the two sides.



The Kondodimos bridge or Lazaridis bridge (old Vikaki bridge)


When driving from West (coming from Dilofo) you can visit this bridge just some meters before entering the Kipi village. The bridge connects the two riverbanks of the Vikaki stream. Built in 1753, the bridge took its name from Kondodimos, the man who donated the money for the construction. Starting from here you can reach the Koukouli village following a beautiful path.


The Missios bridge


Situated between the villages of Koukouli and Vitsa, the Missios bridge was constructed in 1748. Missios from Monodendri was the man who financed the construction and so the bridge was named after him. It was built to allow access from Koukouli to Vitsa and vice versa. This path offers one of the most popular walks in Zagori. On this trail you will find well-preserved stone steps forming part of the path.


The Milos bridge


You will find the Milos bridge on your right hand driving from Kipi to Fragades not far from the Kipi village. It took its name from a nearby existing watermill. Built in 1748 over the Bagiotiko stream, the bridge allowed people living in Kipi to visit the mill and their fields. It has two arches and a much smaller one.


The Noutsos or Kokkoros bridge


Following the road to Kapesovo and Tsepelovo before the village of Kipi this beautiful bridge is known by the two mentioned names. It connects the two riversides of the Bagiotiko stream just before it joins the Xeropotamos stream. It is the most visited bridge of Zagori as it is just close to the national road but also one of the most impressive ones. Build in 1750, it was named after Noutsos Kondodimos a rich Vradeto villager, who donated the money for the construction. The name of Kokkoros came in 1910 when the Koukouli villager Kokkoros, owner of the nearby mill financed the renovation of the bridge.


Plakidas bridge

Situated just before the entrance to the Kipi village, on your right hand and in a lower level compared to the National Road leading to the village. It is a three arches bridge, the most famous bridge of the Zagori area connecting the to riverbanks of the Bagiotiko stream. Built in 1748, the bridge was renovated in 1863 with the support of the Plakidas brothers.


The bridge of Tsipiani

The bridge is close to the Miliotades village in east Zagori and was built over the Vardas river in 1875. The municipality of Greveniti and Paspaliaris from Dristeniko supported financially the construction. It is a wellpreserved stone bridge with a big sharp arch. A bell was installed to inform the passing people when strong winds were blowing.



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